Thursday, October 05, 2006

Good Monsters

"[This record] was born out of many experiences and conversations between addicts, failures, lovers, loners, believers, and beggars. And so the language of recovery and the honest discourse about our attempts to live apart from God and apart from each other is a theme. Engaging people who are doing the hard work of laying their lives open to others, and avoiding isolation, has allowed me to see that there is both immeasurable evil and unfathomable good mixing under my own skin and it is grace, mercy and freedom that allow me to not simply be a monster, but to be a good monster.” -Dan Haseltine (lead vocals for Jars of Clay)

The new album Good Monsters by Jars of Clay is awesome. One thing I appreciate about this band is they may not write new songs in music that is "popular" right now, but they always write good music. I also love that they always try new things. They may not sound like they did in their first album, but I'm glad they've still been able to make quality stuff that's made a huge impact in the Christian music community.