Thursday, October 28, 2004


SFO is one cool city. I made a couple trips there in the past two days to take pictures with the lensbaby. I can't say that the photographs are great, but they were a lot of fun to take. The lensbaby is a challenge to use well; I had trouble focusing right and making pictures look good with it. The pictures are more artsy than journalistic, but that's how it is with the lensbaby. There's just no way to pull off a journalistic shot with it. Here are some pictures that I took:





The fourth one is of Gwyn Roberts. Her and I partnered up as we tackled the task of photographing the beautiful city. She is one cool fish.

There is something about SFO that I am drawn to so strongly. I love the city in a way that I don't understand because I don't love LA the same way. In fact, I'm not fond of LA at all. I think SFO beats the crap out of LA, but maybe because it's right next to the coast that I love SFO so much. There is much more life there that I feel closer to because of my history with the Bay Area. I have a connection with SFO that is unmatched by any other connection between me and another city in the US. I feel more safe there, too.

I shot Kuya's game today as well. It was a fun watch; very close.

Tim dribbles the puck down the court. Sorry about the soft focus. I suck. Posted by Hello

Kuya's team won 5-4, and the goalie from the opposing team pulled their goalie in the last minute. A hockey game is always great when a team pulls their goalie.

Love SFO. Love hockey. My break is 3/4 done. Darn.


This is a response to Oli's True vs. Inerrancy post in Where Am I Going? Read that before this.

I think Granite is arguing too different things: 1) The Bible is true but not inerrant, and 2) the early men of the church don't have the authority to choose which books are "holy" and which ones are not - it should be left to the individual. I think these two arguments are pretty different, and you can't really use one to defend the other too well.

Anyhow, I think the truth of the Bible and its inerrancy are totally and completely dependant on each other. Saying the Bible is completely true but still with errors is an oxymoron. Likewise it can't be inerrant yet have no truth. In this context where Christianity depends so strongly on the Bible, claiming the book to have errors would be a destruction of its truth. The Bible being false is an error in itself, and then we would all be fools to believe in it with such devotion.

As with the fellows who decided which books to be and not to be regarded as "Scripture," these people were great scholars, historians, etc. during the early years of the Christian church. The Canon went through a ton of people to get the books approved, and theologians today have this combination of books in the Bible to thank for their studies. Moreover, I find the books to have been in the Canon for so long, that they must be God-ordained. If someone were to find one of these books heretical today could possibly mean the death of many souls in the past who believed that this was the true Word of God. That is disasterous! Plus, as Oli pointed out, to have people just pick and choose what books they think is holy and what is not welcomes the idea of relativism, which is what Christianity is completely against. There are absolutes; we can't just pick and choose what we think is right and wrong. It was done once in the beginning of the Christian church, so there is no need to do it again.

This is my Christian rant for the night.

First Google hit for "Canon of Scripture."

Monday, October 25, 2004


I'm watching Family Guy. What an awesomely random show! Everyone should watch how stupid Peter Griffin can be.

Kuya took me to the local roller hockey rink on Sunday for practice. We were a good half an hour late, but we ended up doing a few drills with the other guys and doing a small scrimmage. It was a lot of fun, and it was very tiring. I hadn't sweated that long in quite a while. My lower back is really sore now. Fun, though. I miss playing daily sports.

Star Wars Galaxies is a dope online RPG! Very well made. I enjoy it.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Blessed are the forgetful...

From Eloise to Abelard

How happy is the blameless Vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sun-shine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resigned.

by Alexander Pope

Saturday, October 23, 2004

One time.

A.J., Mac, and Tim at IHOP in Vallejo. Posted by Hello

I decided to actually drive up to Nor Cal yesterday once I talked to my brother and he said he'd cover me for gas. I'm not really a big moocher when it comes to money (except for my parents...heh heh), but all my cousins and my brother really insisted that I come and practice hockey with them. I really wanted to go up as well, and I was really bummed that I wasn't able to come because of lack of money; so I really appreciated that Kuya and Chesny were willing to help me in this are just so I could visit.

Even more, when I posted in the hockey forum to let everyone know I wasn't coming, Ryan replied saying that he would be willing to pay for gas too. The thread is actually quite entertaining. Extended family rocks; I love my cousins.

As yet another anti-climactic ending to a hopeful story, it started to rain at around 6 am and didn't stop, so we had to cancel the game. Weather forecasts called for rain later in the day, not in the morning. We were all disappointed, and I was pretty upset considering I drove five hours just for hockey. Ah, well.

We went to IHOP for breakfast instead. Belgain waffles, man. Awesome. I'm hoping that the rest of the week turns out better than the past few days. Things just don't go my way, or they seem to go my way for a little while and then end horribly. We did play PS2 and Gamecube the whole morning since we had nothing else to do. If we don't play hockey on Saturday mornings, we are boggled about what to do with our lives. Ha! We're such dorks.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Into the four digits.

Today my StatCounter broke 1000 hits. It hasn't even been a month since I've put that thing up.

My site is so cool.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

U2 and iTunes

Here's the new ad by iTunes of U2's Vertigo. These ads rock!


I will tell you a story:

I drove through La Mirada and La Habra to various places to find some matte photo paper to print my final project on. This was last Thursday. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find my back left tire completely flat and completel irrepairable according the the tire shop I took my car to after I realized the damage. So I had to buy a new tire, and I figure I get an oil change as well since it was due a few weeks back anyway. $110.

Last Saturday afternoon when Oli, Uncle Gani, Auntie Leah, and I arrived back at Mom and Dad's place from Point Loma Nazarene University attending the Ligonier Ministries Conferences, Dad told me that someone broke into my car the night before. The back left window was shattered into pieces. For one reason or another, nothing was taken, but a bottle of beer was left behind. Perhaps someone was walking by and the thief had to bail? The window had to be replaced. $140.

The next several days my battery light would flicker on and off and my rpm would slow down and almost stall, so my Dad told me that it could be an electrical problem like low battery, or a bad voltage regulator or alternator. I took it in to get it looked at, and it was a bad alternator. $345.

Within a week I spent close to $600 on my car, and I am completely and utterly broke. Today I was despairing on how I could get this money. I was chatting with a friend from the old Faith Academy days, Amber Larson, and she was a real encourager. She said a prayer for me, and not a minute after she prayed I got a phone call from Brooks telling me I have some grant checks in for me to pick up. I know this because I asked her right after I got off the phone, and she told me she just prayed. It was rather amusing and incredibly powerful how it all worked out like that. I know that God doesn't completely plan out how everything falls together based on if we pray for something or not. That would make His actions totally dependant on our actions. But He does like to show how powerful communication between His children and Him can become.

Anyhow, God really taught me not to worry about such things. He will provide one way or another.

As a terrible anti-climactic ending, the check ended up to be only $100, so I'm still in a pretty pickle. However, I have faith that Jehovahjireh will pull through. He has done so in the past; I should not lose hope in Him. Pray for me as I go through the next few weeks with only $50. Brooks said I have another check coming in on Monday. Let's just hope that it's for more than $100.

New trinkets.

I took this photo yesterday.

Julie Peters in the digital labs at Brooks. Julie is one of my classmates, and she's very cool. One of those I've been everywhere types and really has a good understand about the world. Rock on, Julie.Posted by Hello

I used a lens I've never seen before until this month called a lensbaby. A lens I've never even thought would exist out there, but you can point the lens in different ways while its mounted on your camera. It makes for very cool blurry effects without all that photoshop deception.

I think it's cool. I may go up to San Francisco this weekend and do a large shoot with a group of classmates. Sort of a day in San Francisco type thing. We'll see. I'm short on cash, so I may play it safe and not go. However, I was never known for being reserved on my money.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Artists with too much time on their hands.

I went to Blizzard tonight and looked at all the fan art that was put up. There is some amazing stuff on there like this one. Though there are some serious, realistic looking art in there, there is also fun light-hearted stuff like this to balance out the variety of the pieces. Most of it is WarCraft III art, but there are some StarCraft and Diablo in there too. Not as good, though. WarCraft rules.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Phil the politician.

I read a post on Phil's blog about the third Presidential Debate. Check it out here, it made me laugh so much. Poor arguments worded and delivered on tv beautfully are still poor. Reading it 30 minutes later after it was over was refreshingly humorous. Thanks, Phil!

Poor kid.

I was going through a lot of Achewood today, and I came across this one.

It made me laugh for a while.

Monday, October 18, 2004


It's been very rainy and wet the past couple days, and it makes me happy...Except for the fact that So Cal drivers do not know how to drive in it. Not getting that much rain is no excuse. I drove from La Mirada to Ventura on the 5 and the 101 early Sunday morning (6 am), and I swear I passed more than eight bad accidents in the two hour drive - normally it takes an hour and a half, but considering the weather I had to drive about 2/3 of my regular speed. I feel all the sympathy for you victims of the accident, I really do. But there really shouldn't be that many accidents in a 100 mile span. It wasn't raining THAT bad, and if it is, just slow down or get off the road!

As for me personally, I love driving through the rain. It sounds great as all that water hits your car. The weather isn't scorching hot. I get a free car wash from God, and anyone who has ridden in my car can testify that my car was in dire need of a car wash. Not anymore! Woo hoo! Except the inside needs to be cleaned up a bit, that's a bummer.

Nintendo DS: This new product by Nintendo looks awesome! It's a shame it's all in Japan (including the website). The website design, though, is one of a kind and very fun to browse through...even if you don't know Japanese.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Photoshop Jedi

Phil showed me Jason Ackerman's blog. Jason is an old friend of mine from Biola. We don't talk much anymore, but when I actually attended the blasted university, him and I would chit chat every so often. Good man, and his pictures are fun to look at. He knows what he's doing.

Joe mentioned tonight about how he'll try to go to the fitness center and workout daily like he used to. I miss physical activity. Not so much the idea of keeping in shape, but just the sports and games that I used to play so often. Wrestling, basketball, soccer, rugby. I was such a sportsy type of chap back in the day. College screwed that all up. Ah, well. I guess it's why I joined the hockey team the cousins formed. I just need to be involved in an organized game again.

...of your love to me.

I heard the Goo Goo Dolls new released single "Give a Little Bit" on the radio as I drove to school this morning. It's catchy and fun. I enjoyed the good listen, and it got me very excited to know that they have some new stuff coming out soon. I did a little research today and found out they have a live album coming out this late November. I may have to pick it up. Goo Goo Dolls rock.

Monday, October 11, 2004



Christopher Reeves/the true Clark Kent/the only Superman...may you rest in peace.

Alright. Look here, kids...

I cannot post every single day anymore because 1) I've done it for two months and I'm worn out everything I need to said initially, 2) my days just aren't that interesting to post everyday, and 3) I found out that it's a loserish thing to do. So stop your fussing, ya dum dums!

Plus I've been either gone or working hard with school. Want a taste of what I'v been writing for my work? Here is something:

"The life I live is one of witnessing. It is a life that has seen many places, experienced a number of diverse cultures, and walked among different peoples. Twenty-one years. I lived in eight different cities across the Pacific Hemisphere, but it created a feeling of displacement; however, this displacement has now become my mounting desire. Living without a solid home, I only know the longing for unfamiliar places. Traveling to other countries, I am only passionate for the excitement of adventure.

"Therefore, my life is indeed a life of witnessing. My medium in which I witness what I see? Photography. The camera has become a mediator between the things I've seen and the way I tell the world about them. Photography for me is about recording history today for the people of today. It is my way to contribute to art, culture, and society of the world.

"Photography helps me better understand humanity."

I just found out an awesome link while I wrote this blog. Go here So cool.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Ahaha! It has been over a week since I posted in here. Apologies for my laziness; the lack of posting has no solid reasons to stand upon. The events that have been occurring in the past days are somewhat dull and same old same old.

Oli and I have decided to join our cousins into a hockey league in San Jose. It's taking our game to a higher level. After playing hacker hockey for 10+ years, we've decided to join up with some competition. Our game will probably still be hacker hockey, but we'll have fun. I love the attitude we give on the floor, and I appreciate and enjoy the times we play hockey together. The body checking adds to the fun; I like to hit people and have no strings attached.

You can find out more about our plans, jerseys, players, and line ups here. The jerseys are groovy looking.

This post is dedicated to Jon, who has been persistent in pushing me to post again. Jon is a true friend, but what Dustin in his blog is completely untrue. I don't know what came over him, but he should delete that post.