Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Seattle Bunch

Good friends, good times.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Evergreen State

Luke and I went to Seattle to visit Phil and Alisha over the long Thanksgiving weekend. It was a lot of fun with many trail walks, downtown sight-seeing, and visiting monumental spots. I won't write a lot about the trip because it's all thoroughly covered through pictures! All four of us took a lot of photographs, and the they're all properly uploaded onto our Flickr profiles. It's thoroughly documented.

Friday, Day 1

Saturday, Day 2

Sunday, Day 3

Overall, the trip was a total blast. I loved every minute of it, and seeing Phil and Alisha was very fun. I missed them a lot, and I'm glad that they haven't changed...well, except for the obvious ("Hi Noah!!!).

It will be sad to leave, but life moves on. Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reflections | The Job | And its sidekicks | End of the money god

Looking back at this blog and the most recent posts I've made, I have realized that it has been incredibly lame. I haven't been writing nearly enough, and when I write it's primarily on entertainment. My goodness, did I really write something on The Wheel of Time?

Ah, well. I guess that's just how it goes. My heart really hasn't been into blogging anymore. I do get inspiration to write about something, but when it comes down to sitting down and actually writing the blog, I sulk. I guess my inspiration isn't very strong.

However, I do feel I owe it to the readers (ie family and friends) to keep writing. So here it goes!

Update: The post has become extremely long, so I divided it into sections. It gives the illusion that I'm writing in an organized fashion and it's not large rant.


The job is going okay. The excitement level here at CityTeam resembles something like a roller coaster. Major assignments for a week, then nothing for a week, then major assignments for a week, then nothing, and so on and so on. I'm in the nothing week right now, and it's incredibly dull. Next week will be when the holiday events start, and the media rush starts right along with it. Luckily, I won't be having to work on Thanksgiving day like two years ago, but there is still a hefty amount of work to be done. I'm just prepping all my gear now, blacking-out tapes, checking batteries, cleaning lenses, testing mics. I did all of that in like one day, and now I'm stuck browsing the web reading Warcraft lore, playing Scrabble on Facebook, and writing blogs. :)


Also, I've been doing a lot of side jobs lately. Many weddings were photographed, a few portraits sessions were had, and even some video editing was conducted. Considering the work ethic and utter hatred I have for photo post-production, I'm terribly backed up. I don't know why I accept more side jobs when I have like three other projects I'm trying to get done, but I do it anyway. I just need the cash, I guess.


Which actually brings me to something I wanted to write about. It seems whenever I feel somewhat released from financial burdens, something comes up that throws me right back into it. Mainly, it's a major car repair at the very opportune time when I've made a lot of money recently. For a while, I would get really frustrated about it to the point where I would question God's motives. I pray for financial support in any way, and whenever I finally got it, it was taken away. Of course, it was a terrible way of looking at "financial support," but I was seeing it through the perspective that having thousands of dollars in my account was the definition of financial stability.

In reality, God was helping me get through the money problems. Giving me opportunities to make some extra cash prepared me for when my car unexpectedly broke down or when another student loan finally kicked in. Sure, I would have much rather have just had the money without my car having trouble, but if this is how God will teach me to put more faith in Him, then so be it. It's also taught me to really give up my monetary responsibility to God. I struggled with the idea of giving tithes to the church every week when I was in bad financial pickle, but praying about it one last time and dropping the check in the offering basket made me realize that better things have come of it. More discipline, more faith, and my bank account hasn't been negatively affected by giving 10% of my earnings each week ever since I started doing that.

So anyway, I've learned a lot about my faith in God through money. It's pretty exciting, and I give gladly to the offering plate every Sunday now. It's not because I am well in money, but because I know that God is there backing me up. I really owe it to Him to give some of my earnings back, and I love Him more for it.


Whew! I think that will be all for now. I'm gonna go take my lunch break now. Man, work is just tough sometimes...