Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Okay, I finally got those darn pictures up on Flickr. Hurray!

Click here to find the sets.

That is a nice place to have your pictures displayed. I think I'll use it more often.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The itsy, bitsy spi-SMASH!

I went to the bathroom and found a spider hanging in front of the mirror. It was quite a monster, actually. Looked different from any spider I usually saw. Had like a black back and some red on it. I guess a lot of spiders have that, but I got all sketchy about it. I was almost tempted to let it bite me to see if it did anything...in a non-super powers type of way. But instead I took toilet paper, smashed the spider with it, threw the papery-spider-gutsy wad into the toilet, and urinated all over it. I'm sure I'll be haunted in my dreams later tonight.

Later I went on the internet and looked at pictures to see if I killed anything worthy. Nope. Wasn't a black widow or a brown recluse. The recluse, actually, gives me the creeps. I mean, have you seen pictures of recluse wounds? (Warning: the picture is REALLY gross!) Anyway, so now that I've totally scared myself of recluse destruction, I'm going to be checking my bed about three times before sleeping. I'm a wuss.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

They're my friends too!

It's midnight, and I will begin the third season of Friends. Thanks Nem!

UPDATE #1: It's 3 pm on the first day, and I'm half way through the season. I love summer!

UPDATE #2: After a long break, I started watching again in the late evening and killed all but two episodes. It's 2 am. I'll finish it tomorrow.

UPDATE #3: Done! I managed to finish a whole season of Friends in less than two days. It's like when I watched Dawson's Creek: Season Three with Tim Machlan in three days. That was heaven.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Melting pot.

Last Friday, I had the privilege of eating out every meal. Yum.

Breakfast was with Luke at a Panera Bread restaurant. It was a simple meal of an everything bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese and a coffee. Nothing special, though Panera is a great place to get bread-like things; you can go there for more than just breakfast.

Lunch was at some Japanese restaurant with Phil and Alisha. It was a much simpler and casual Japanese restaurant than I've usually gone too, but it was still tasty. Teriyaki beef with rice, tempura, and California rolls (would have gotten sushi, but it wasn't in the combo meals...oh well).

Dinner was spent with Joe, Nate, Kathryn and her sister Emily at a Thai place called Renu Nakorn. It's actually frequented by many Biola students, and even more frequented by Joe and his MC gang. Had a meal called Pad Thai, which was a lot of noodles and veggies and peanut sauce (at least, I think that's what I tasted). Awesome. Loved it.

Of course, it was Friday night after that, so I couldn't be a loser and just go home. Time to party! Heh, not really. But the group from the Thai dinner went back to Nate's place and watched a Bollywood movie called Veer-Zaara, which was surprisingly good. I thoroughly the story, and the acting wasn't half bad either. It REALLY bugged me, however, that the voices they got to sing for the actors (it was a musical) didn't match with the actors voices at all. Also, it was three hours long. That didn't gel with me much either.

Then we followed that up with a wonderful Hollywood-ized movie called Mean Girls. I love that movie.

So I sort of embraced like four different cultures in one day. Well okay, it's more like three if you don't count Mean Girls. I did because it was about a girl who homeschooled in Africa. That's good enough, right?

The pictures of my outdoor extravaganzas haven't been put up yet! I need to find a computer with some kind of image-editing capabilities. It's pretty frustrating to be around computers good enough to run such programs, yet they don't have any of them installed! Ugh!