Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What a nerd!

Just came back from watching Superman Returns. What a fun movie! I don't know too much about the Superman story from the comics, so I can't say too much about that. But coming in almost completely clueless about Superman lore, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I guess I can understand why X-men 3 was such a big hit for those who aren't dorky enough to delve themselves in the X-men comic book universe.

Anyway, I really liked how it paid tribute to the classic Superman movies from the Reeves days. I smiled when I saw the cheesy fonts for the opening credits, and Clark Kent is a total dweeb. Lots of fun moments. I did think that Lois was a bit irritating a lot of the time, but I didn't know if she's supposed to be like that or if that was just Bosworth's acting; however, it wasn't hard to get past that, and she was, for the most part, likeable. The rest of the characters were spot on from what I could tell (Spacey is too awesome as Lex Luthor).

I sort of dragged Joe into watching it with me because I didn't want to watch it opening night by myself. I mainly wanted to see it so soon because Oli is in Indonesia and I want to rub it in his face that I got to see it opening night and he didn' he's done to me countless times before.

Also, I hate the movie audience these days. The whole clapping and cheering thing when something cool happens is way too annoying. One real treat was seeing the new Spider-man 3 teaser on the big screen, but I didn't need everyone clapping at the end of it. "Lameness" is the word that comes to mind.

I've been doing a lot of outdoorsy type things the past week, and I have lots of pictures to prove it. I just haven't had time or been in a place that has proper programs to let me edit the photos so I could upload them. I'll let you know when I get them up finally; I hope to upload them by the end of this week. I'll probably end up doing the Flickr thing, so I'll tell the stories of those trips through the pictures and captions instead of writing a blog about them. That would be more fun, I think.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A gathering of Faith.

Oh, right. I still have this blog up on the web - I guess I should write in it then. Especially when I get lame comments in my blog like "yawn" or "post post post!" But they're usually from the same people who have nothing better to do with their lives, so I guess it's okay. ZING!

The result of the wedding in Minnesota was A-okay. It was better than that, actualy, it went very well. There was a lot of stressing going on with the bride and her family, and it was kind of humorous. Heh. I did help with some of the prepping, but not much. I was the photographer. For some reason, people think that makes me a very delicate thing too valuable to give other, trivial tasks. Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, the wedding was fun. Like all weddings between two kids from Faith Academy, it was like a mini high school reunion. It was good to catch up with some people I knew from five years ago...when the only thing you worried about was who to ask to the Junior/Senior banquet. I got to hear knews about who got hitched and what others in our class are doing now they're out of college. All of us even went out to Chili's after the wedding for dinner, and I ate a whopping meal since it was the only thing I had eaten that day (except strawberries and bananas with those chocolate fondu fountain things that are the new rave for weddings now). We all didn't go to Starbucks, though. That would have been the most corny Faith pastime for us to do.

I think I forgot to mention who the two people were who got married. Oops. It was Steve Krueger and Amber Larson. Congratulations to you both!

Here's a shot of all the Faith Alumni that attended the wedding because we like to take that picture. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Oli called me tonight telling me that he's at the airport heading off on his missions trip to Indonesia. I completely forgot that he was leaving soon, so it was a bit of a surprise. It was fun, though, to talk to him a bit before hanging up and continuing with playing Settlers with the guys. Him going off overseas just made me wish I was out of school now and going out documenting some extreme situation in a missionary's life. It'll take me a decade or two to get to that point, I imagine. Oh, well. As long as I get there.

I am also flying out to Minnesota on Thursday to photograph a wedding during the weekend. Two old high school friends are getting married, though they were not a couple in high school. To be honest, I didn't expect them to be an item...ever. I don't know why; I guess I never thought about it till it happened. Anyway, it's exciting to see two high school buddies get hitched. It's a bigger plus since I'll see a lot of my other high school friends at the wedding.

Problem: I don't really have a game plan as to how I'm going to shoot this thing.

Usually, I have some kind of idea what I'll do. By now I would have organized my camera gear and made sure I have the appropriate things to make me an effective wedding photographer. I didn't really do much preparing yet for this trip. Same thing happened last weekend where I photographed a wedding up North in Sacramento, but at least I partnered up with another friend to shoot that one. It went extremely well, and I was excited (and a bit relieved) that the pictures turned out so great. I hope I am that fortunate this weekend. I'm not too worried. God is watching over me. :)

I didn't vote today for the California Primary Elections, but I did photograph it. Does that count?