Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bible study galore!

Earlier in the year, I was involved in about three weekly Bible studies - One at a friend's church on Tuesday, one at work on Wednesday, and one at my roommate's church on Friday. It was really interesting to see the different styles of approaching Bible studies and the group dynamics of each.

Recently, however, the Tuesday Bible study has taken the summer off and won't start up again till the Fall, and I just stopped going to the Friday one was on Friday. :) So the only one that is left is the one at work on Wednesday, which is probably the one I would have kept if I had to choose. I've become really comfortable with my CityTeam family, and the group I meet with have great insight on the passages we read. The Bible is designed to more help people who are new to the faith better understand the fundamentals of Christianity, so whoever has the turn to lead that week tries to direct the Bible study in that light. Of course, it really doesn't apply well to us since all of us have been Christians for a significant amount of years now, but it's still good.

So the past Wednesday, we studied Matthew 9:35-38, which is a much shorter passage than we usually study. Not that we were complaining, though. I think one of the key points of the passage was Jesus' compassion for the people, and how important it is for us to have compassion for the unsaved. The more I study Jesus' life and his ministry through the Bible, the more I admire Him. Everything he did, everything he said, it was all perfectly timed and had a point to lead to the beginning of the Church and His Kingdom. Nevertheless, compassion was an incredible amount of what drove Jesus to do what He did...especially on the cross! I hope that one day I can have so much compassion for the people that courage to actually reach out to them will come.

I would have linked to one of my friend's/co-worker's blog about the passage too, but alas! she wrote it on Facebook; so if you're not her friend you can't read it. I'll just not bother with linking it completely.

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