Friday, July 11, 2008


Right now I'm sitting on the floor in the International Terminal of SFO waiting for my flight at 9:05 am to Seattle. Sure it's only 6:30, but better early than late, right? Thanks to Kuya, I got here very early. I hope that work won't be that bad today since I made him get up much earlier than is reasonable for a working man.

The last two weeks has been a dung-load of traveling. At some point in my life, I'll get tired of all the plane flights and road trips, but right now I've been surprised at how much I really enjoy being in constant motion. It does leaves me in a state unsettledness, which has its downsides (my room is suffering from neglect), but I don't know if I will have the energy later in life to do this much traveling; so I take every opportunity I can get.

Most of the trips I take have been because of business, whether it be for CityTeam or wedding photography, but all these reasons give me an opportunity to be in a completely different place with different people. I think I just like being somewhere that doesn't involve my everyday life. It's new, it's different, and that makes it exciting. But then again...what happens when being somewhere different becomes my everyday life? Traveling all the time could get wearing, but I haven't felt it yet. We'll see if it ever does. But heck, even sitting in airports is fun to me! I guess I'll just have to remember these days when I start to groan about the next plane fight I have to take.

Also, all the traveling is why my blog has been on hold a bit. And the pictures...the pictures! I need to update all of it, but I'm trying. Of course, I always say that. Anyway, Luke should be landing in SFO from LAX any time now. I should be looking out for the guy. We plan to meet up and fly on the same plane up to SEA. We are the traveling masters!

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