Friday, July 18, 2008

Why so serious?

Kuya, Andrew, Brittany and I went and saw The Dark Knight last night. Wow...what a great movie! I won't go a lot into it because you should just go see the movie and enjoy it for yourself. Although, it was kind of sad for the obvious reason - Heath Ledger's last role before he died.

In fact, it was the role that brought about his death, and that raises some serious questions. How far do you really take your job? For Heath Ledger and the techniques he used in order to play his role effectively, he took it to his grave. It was a strong performance, though. I haven't seen a character so animated and convincing since Jack Sparrow's debut in Pirates of the Caribbean. But is it praise worthy? When people watch this movie, they are literally watching Heath Ledger lose his mind and - safe to say? - his humanity! I guess there are a lot of people who have lost their lives from doing their jobs (soldiers, police, athletes, missionaries, etc.), so maybe it's all conditional. I'm not sure what kind of answer I have for it, but it has come up in my mind lately because of this movie and Eric's mention of this issue.


Luke said...

I watched the movie last night and enjoyed it, am am mulling over it now. It is definitely a dark movie. One thing that bothers me about it is how much focus is on the Joker, I mean, he did play a REALLY excellent role.. but when I was walking away from the theatre one of the guys I was with was imitating him and how he talks and quoting lines already and that made me both sad, angry, and nervous. Joker is _evil_ and evil shouldn't be the key figure. I don't want to think about how many people are going to walk away and think the joker is amazing, or maybe even inspiring. That could be the darkest part of the whole matter, because I seriously believe he'll be admired.

MalaBOOYAH said...

That's interesting. I hope that people won't praise the Joker because he was sooooo cool. The movie did portray him as someone who was purely evil because he did things for the sake of watching people suffer.

The problem is that Ledger's death up-played the Joker's role in the movie and downplayed everyone else's. Even Jimmy Rafetto said that the movie should have been called "The Joker." But the movie never praised his character or the things he did, so I think maybe that's just people's perspective. It's also a movie, so it is a means of entertainment, and people will take it as that. We just have to realize that the Joker is not one to admire or be inspired by.

Anonymous said...

i don't what you guys are talking about...the joker was awesome...amazing! so what if "people" think the joker was cool/inspiring...that's "people". we just have to realize that there are people out there similar to the joker. all throughout history, it shows...the romans loved watching people die. the question for us is...what are we going to do about it? know that this whole world is going to be in darkness...just do your part to light the world around you.

daniel m.

Anonymous said...

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